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Hoodia: Weight Loss Miracle?

If you are one of those people who are on a quest to find an effective diet supplement, you have probably heard of Hoodia. It is currently one of the most popular weight-loss products in the market. But does it work? More importantly, is it even safe for use?


The Research on Hoodia

One of the most frequently cited studies on Hoodia is the one conducted with obese individuals. In this study, a number of obese individuals were divided into two groups. The first group was given Hoodia gordonii, while the second one was given placebo appetite suppressants. The result of the study was remarkable -- with the first group reducing their calorie intake significantly each day.

How Hoodia managed to reduce the individual's calorie intake is no magic. The truth is that Hoodia contains an active ingredient that fools the brain into thinking that a person is already full. Since the person does not feel hunger, he loses his desire to eat food, which would eventually cause him to lose weight.

Hoodia and the San Bushmen

As opposed to what most people think, Hoodia gordonii is not a cactus. It is a succulent that only thrives in the deep, hot deserts of South Africa, including the Kalahari Desert. For centuries, the San Bushmen of Kalahari have consumed Hoodia gardonii to ward off hunger during lengthy hunting trips. For many years, these indigenous people have eaten Hoodia without experiencing any adverse side effect such as increased heart rate or upset stomach. However, the San Bushmen only used Hoodia sparingly; as such, further research is needed to determine whether or not Hoodia has ill effects when taken in regular doses over a long period of time.

Hoodia Gordonii as a Weight-Loss Supplement

When Hoodia was discovered several years ago, researchers immediately recognized its potential as a weight-loss supplement. It took them years before they managed to isolate the active ingredient in Hoodia that makes it an effective appetite suppressant. The active ingredient is P57, which is a molecule that is 10,000 times more powerful than glucose. As a matter of fact, this molecule is so powerful that people who have consumed Hoodia experienced results right away.

If you plan to use Hoodia, you should know that its active ingredient does not essentially affect your appetite when your hunger is caused by physical activity or when you are consuming high carbohydrates. While the active ingredient tricks the brain into believing that you are full, your sugar drops and physical requirement for nourishment can offset this effect.

For Hoodia to be effective, you need to accompany it with regular exercise. If you truly want to have successful weight loss, then you should adopt a healthy lifestyle. Likewise, make sure that you take Hoodia gordonii in its appropriate dosage. Before you take Hoodia, consult with your physician first to know whether or not it is safe for you to use. Lastly, buy only pure and genuine Hoodia to make sure that it is really safe and effective.


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